World’s First 100-megapixel Medium Format Camera

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Phase One’s XF 100MP Camera System is built using Full Frame Medium Format sensors 2.5 times larger than the ones found in high-end DSLRs. Sensors this large deliver a powerful combination of the highest possible resolution together with large, high dynamic range pixels and exceptional wide angular response. The XF Camera System is quite literally the best of all worlds when it comes to digital image quality.


High Resolution Lens – With compatibility for more than 60 lenses, the XF Camera System offers high-resolution lenses for all types of professional applications. The Leaf Shutter lenses are designed together with world-renowned optics manufacturer, Schneider Kreuznach of Germany. Building on decades of experience in high-resolution optics and precision manufacturing, the Leaf Shutter lenses are some of the sharpest lenses in the world, built for todays systems as well as for the future.

New simple one-touch user interface – Being the first to embrace new technology and integrate a touch based user interface to a digital back, they continue the tradition with their XF Camera System, calling it the OneTouch UI.

The OneTouch UI on the XF Camera System is a seamless combination of intuitive dials, keys and touch screen interactions. Each operation is used only where it makes sense and where you want it. OneTouch UI is designed with the goal of making controls so simple that photographers will feel at home within moments of getting started.

The XF Camera System can be operated either from the camera itself or from a tethered computer. To achieve this, they have removed all hard-coded button functionality including any physical markings on the camera. This allows complete freedom to configure the systems controls to best fit your individual needs.

Two separate, yet fully integrated, touch displays are now available on the XF Camera System. The 1.6” grip screen is designed for clear visibility in any lighting condition using a transflective capacitive touch display. The back screen is a retina touch screen designed to show high-quality image previews, providing the ability to zoom to 100% with a simple tap. With 3.2” inch there is ample space to compose and review, as well as operate advanced tools.

The sensor, developed in collaboration with Sony, packs 101,082,464 active high quality pixels, the company says, and offers a native ISO range from 50 up to 12,800 and exposure times up to 60 minutes. Other features of Phase One’s XF 100MP system include 16-bit colour, 15 f-stops of dynamic range and live view capture with HDMI output.

Phase One introduced its XF Camera System last year, incorporating features like Honeybee Auto Focus, Vibration Tracking, Electronic First Curtain Shutter and Vibration Detection technology, and designed for expansion via regular feature upgrades.

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