Transcend’s Drive Pro Series: Why it is such a blessing!

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Day or night, Transcend’s DrivePro220 Car Video Recorder is your most trustworthy eyewitness on the road. The recorder’s built-in battery, emergency recording, F1.8 aperture lens – for low light conditions (great for both day and night driving), snapshot feature, bright 2.4″ color LCD screen, full HD 1080 recording and 130° wide angle glass lens all ensure excellent user-experience.

In addition, it has features like GPS receiver, Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS), Forward Collision Warning System (FCWS), Speed Alarm and Parking Mode, the DrivePro220 offers the optimum driving safety. A built-in Li-Polymer battery ensures uninterruptible recording.

car video recorder_transcendcar video recorder_transcend

It comes with a Transcend 16GB micro SD HC Class 10 memory card & a 2 year Limited Warranty. What more could you ask for, particularly with the roads & traffic situation likes ours in India! Not only is it handy & helps you in your safety, it also is useful in terms of safeguarding yourself during untoward incidents.

These are some the features that we found really useful:

GPS Receiver to Log Your Driving Records

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DrivePro220’s built-in GPS receiver can log GPS coordinates, date and time into the recorded video footage. During an incident, the GPS coordinates can help you precisely locate where you are so as to contact the Emergency Road Service, police or insurance company. When used with Transcend’s DrivePro Toolbox on a computer, you can see the driving paths of your entire journey along with all the necessary information such as GPS coordinates, directions, speeds, G-sensor information, date and time.

Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) to Prevent Potential Incidents

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The Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) is designed to prevent potential incidents by warning the driver when the vehicle begins to move out of its lane. The system monitors the lane markings on the roadway, and shows an alert picture on the screen plus a warning sound whenever the driving speed exceeds the preset value and the vehicle starts to deviate from its lane.

Parking Mode to Safeguard Your Vehicle when You are Away

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With the latest motion detection technology, DrivePro220 can automatically start recording when the motion sensor detects a movement or an impact in Parking Mode. This helps you collect evidence in cases such as hit-and-runs and theft.

In addition, DrivePro220’s also features Speed Alarm, which will warn the driver with a warning sound when the driving speed limit exceeds the preset value.

Wi-Fi & Exclusive DrivePro App

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Thanks to its built-in Wi-Fi, supported by the free downloadable DrivePro App, for Apple iOS and Android devices, it can be operated by a passenger as the driver gets on with the task of driving. When connected to the DrivePro220’s dedicated wireless network, you can view live video footage during recording, playback and download videos directly from your smartphone or tablet.

Bottomline: Priced at Rs.11,990/- this small gadget packs a punch.

You could also look at its predecessor the Transcend DrivePro 200, priced at Rs.7,990/-. This model does not come with GPS & Motion Tracking, but has all the basic features present in the DrivePro 220.

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