Adding Creativity in Photography: A Few Tips for the Beginners

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In this era of social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, people tend to capture almost every moment of their daily life activities and post them on the aforementioned websites. As the digital cameras have become easily available and accessible to everyone, you would get to see innumerable pictures on the internet. But unfortunately, with this availability, the room for aesthetic appeal and creativity in photography is gradually diminishing to a horrifying extent. So, in this article we are sharing Tips to add Creativity in Photography

Adding Creativity in Photography: A Few Tips for the Beginners

Despite the false notion of many people that taking pictures is a mere cinch, mastering the art of photography requires a considerable amount of skill, dedication, and aesthetic sensibility. Nowadays cameras are available in every possible form from smartphones to webcams in laptops. But the truth is, traditional DSLR cameras are still considered one of the best photography paraphernalia, especially for the beginners.

If you want to be genuinely creative with your photography skills, here are some equipment that you should possess:

  1. Camera: For beginners it is better to buy an amateur DSLR camera at first and then shift to semi-professional and professional with your gradual improvement. It is important to check certain factors like ISO, focal point, overall image quality etc to make a decent selection of camera.
  2. Lens: Without a proper lens, the camera you purchase, however expensive it may be, is basically defunct. Therefore, it is important to buy a lens with proper zooming ability.
  3. Tripod: Despite being severely underappreciated as photography equipment, for beginners in this domain it plays a pivotal role to actually grasp the nuances of this art.
  4. Lighting and filter: You need to make sure that the lighting and filter of your camera is perfect because these two accessories are necessary to enhance the effect of light and shadow and are indispensable for creative photography.

Besides purchasing the most suitable equipment for enhancing your photography skills, you also would need to check on the factors like the center of attraction while taking a photograph, framing, aperture control, dynamic range, shutter speed, etc. Once you sort out all the basics of photography, you can concentrate on being more creative with your shooting technique.

Although the notion of creativity is relative and varies significantly from one person to another, there are some common techniques that are usually followed by beginners in their path towards creative and innovative photography. Below, some of those techniques are discussed for your convenience:

  1. Moving the camera: It is the general notion that you need to stand still with your camera while taking a shot. While it is partially true, moving your camera in a particular way also helps in taking magnificent as well as ingenious shots. It is one of the most common and oldest techniques of creative photography. There are basically three ways you can move your camera. They are:
    1. Panning: Panning is the technique of swinging your camera along a horizontal or vertical plane to capture a particular moving subject. To make this technique perfect you need to take the factors like shutter speed, focus, position of the tripod, and the distance of the object from the camera. Panning is extensively used in sports photography to track the position of the ball or a particular player. You can use panning effectively to track down a moving falcon or a cheetah as well in case you’re interested in wildlife photography.
    2. Rotating: Rotating your camera also a very innovative technique that helps you get a 360 degree view of the mise en scène.
    3. Throwing: It is not a very conventional moving technique but people with sufficient reflex and photography skills sometimes follow this technique to capture photography masterpieces. In this technique, the camera is thrown upwards with a predetermined shutter speed.
    4. Zooming and shooting simultaneously: It is a very effective technique to capture dynamic pictures or instill a sense of speed or movement in the shot. It also helps in creating a unique three-dimensional appearance and feeling in the picture taken. To master this technique, you need to use a slow sync flash to enhance the creative effect.
  2. Creative focusing: Creative focusing is also a technique used by extremely adroit photographers. It is considered one of the most ingenious techniques of taking photographs. This technique is extensively used in filming movies where the cameraman deliberately keeps some subjects out of focus so that the center of attraction appears to be sharper and more prominent. For creative focusing, you need to have a clear idea about the aperture control of your camera to take the best possible shot.
  3. Shooting from a lower angle: Shooting from a lower angle i.e. from the ground surface creates an entirely different perspective of photography. It accounts for the aesthetic sense of the photographer and helps in seeing objects from a different angle. This technique is very popular and acceptable for wildlife photography.
  4. Slow sync flash: For capturing an object in a lower light condition, this technique is extremely useful. Through this process, you would be able to combine the natural ambient light with your flash to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your shot.

Besides these common and popular techniques, overexposing, adjusting the white balance, etc are also considered creative ways of taking picture. There are reputed and experienced companies like Thirdidigital in India who are capable of offering you the right set of equipment for such activities.
To sum up, with the right photography paraphernalia and the proper execution of the aforementioned techniques, you can easily be creative with your photography skills, even as a neophyte in this domain.

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