Casio Japan Introduces Exilim EX-ZR3000 & EX-ZR60

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Casio has launched two new compacts in Japan, the Exilim EX-ZR3000 and EX-ZR60.

The ZR3000 uses a 12MP 1/1.7″ BSI CMOS sensor and 25-300mm equiv. zoom, and the beginner-friendlier ZR60 offers a 16MP 1/2.3″ BSI CMOS 25-250mm equiv. range. The EX-ZR3000 appears to be a variant of the EX-ZR3500 introduced in China earlier this year.

Both are ready for selfies with a flip-up LCD and a secondary shutter button on the front panel. Each camera is also equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth low energy technology for easy sharing, with an option to automatically transmit all photos taken to a mobile device. They also share Casio’s high speed technology, promising fast startup times along with high speed 1000fps video (at 224×64 resolution). The ZR3000 is also capable of Raw shooting, while both cameras capture 1080/60p HD video.

Perfect for Vacations or Leisure

Enjoy selfies on vacation or during your leisure time with a tilting LCD style.

Take gorgeous photos that you can share easily with this comprehensive model.

In addition to EXILIM Engine HS Ver. 3, the camera features a high sensitivity 1/1.7 type CMOS sensor and a newly developed lens with excellent optical properties to provide superior image quality and definition. Also featured is 5-axis image stabilization which compensates for any blur caused when holding the camera. All this comes together to ensure outstanding resolution even for difficult shots such as those involving less than satisfactory lighting conditions such as darkness and backlighting. Without making any complicated setting adjustments, you can enjoy beautiful results not only for selfies, but for any subject that you choose to take.

Taking selfies is easy with the Tilting LCD & Front Shutter

casio selfie

Taking selfies couldn’t be easier with a Tilt-type LCD that opens 180 degrees and a Front Shutter feature that lets you comfortably snap pictures from any position. Add to that a Motion Shutter that takes pictures with a wave of the hand and you have a whole new level of picture-taking fun

The ‘Make-up Plus’ Feature provides even higher quality images to enhance the expression of beauty

Through substantial improvements in basic image quality, skin tone and texture can be even more finely defined. The new “Skin Tone” settings allow even finer adjustments and combines with the standard “Smooth Skin” feature to allow you to adjust the tone and texture of your skin in any way you desire. Make-up Plus provides you with the means to enhance and express beauty of your skin.

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