A Camera that shows you a stranger’s images instead of your own!

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With the instant gratification of a digital camera LCD, we have forgotten what photography used to be like – the inability to see what you’re shooting.

Leica had recently released a $6,000 digital camera without a screen that keeps the element of surprise for you, until you download it to your computer. Now, there is a new camera, Le Myope, that not only won’t show you your own images, but instead, will show you someone else’s photos.

Designed by Parisian artist and engineer, Salade Tomate Oignon (or Salad Tomato Onion, in French), the camera, described as “short sighted,” reads the photo that you just took and, using an algorithm, displays a similar photo that someone else took. The photo from a stranger is pulled from Google and could be a shot of a similar item, from the same place, or some other vague interpretation of what a similar photo might be!


Instruction and code to build your own Short-Sighted Camera based on a Raspberry Pi and Google similar images:


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