8 Best Cameras of 2015

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This is the 25th year of the TIPA (Technical Image Press Association) Awards and what started out as an association of European photo magazines in 1991 has now expanded into a global concern.

TIPA awards are only given to products which have been tested and reviewed by the magazines, and are voted on annually by TIPA members.

Here are some of this year’s winners:

1. Best Easy Compact Camera: Canon IXUS

Canon’s three new IXUS models are part of a routine upgrade to its pocket camera lineup.

canon ixus best compact cameras

The IXUS 170 features a 12x optical zoom, while the IXUS 160 and the IXUS 165 have 8x optical zooms. All three cameras feature a 20 million pixel sensor and 720p video recording capabilities. The IXUS 170 and 165 are also equipped with Intelligent IS to help deliver blur-free images and combat camera shake.

2. Best Action Camera: Ricoh WG-M1

‘Ruggedized’ compact digital cameras are common enough these days, but the new Ricoh WG-M1 is different, thanks to its pebble-like design, the LCD screen on the top and buttons on the sides.

best action camera ricoh

There’s no zoom on this camera, just an `ultra-wide-angle’ 3mm fixed focal length lens with a 160-degree angle of view. That make it a crossover action cam product.

3. Best Superzoom Camera: Nikon Coolpix P610

The Nikon P610 is one of Nikon’s latest bridge cameras and replaces the Nikon P600.

best zoom camera nikon

It doesn’t have the monster-sized 83x zoom of the P900, but the 60x optical zoom in the P610 is still pretty spectacular, and delivers an equivalent 35mm focal length range of 24-1440mm.The small sensors are always a limitation in bridge cameras, but the P610 performs well, regardless of this and produces good quality images.

4. Best Premium Camera: Fujifilm X100T

This camera is in the shape of an old-school ‘retro’ camera with a fixed 35mm equivalent f2.0 lens and the traditional external controls for shutter speed and lens aperture.

best premium camera fujifilm

It follows on from the original X100, an unexpected hit with enthusiasts and the X100S.The X100T’s improvements include a new Classic Chrome film simulation mode, improvements to the unique hybrid optical electronic view finder and a new electronic shutter mode.

5. Best Digital SLR, Professional: Nikon D810

Nikon D810 is a well-planned upgrade of the the original 36-MP Nikon D800.

best pro dslr nikon d810

Although they appear to share similar specs, D810 actually improves on the original in a host of different ways. It can deliver superb images in a wide range of conditions. Its high pixel count and tremendous detail resolution mean that it is especially well suited for landscape, still life and macro photography.

6. Best Imaging Innovation: Lytro Illum

The Lytro Illum is a lot easier to use than it is to explain. It is a ‘light field’ camera which captures ‘megarays’ rather than megapixels to store an image which can be refocused after you’ve taken it. The result is a ‘living picture’ where you can change the point of focus, adjust the depth of field and even create 3D effects.

best innovative cameras

It might take a while for the world to get to grips with what this technology can do, but the Illum demonstrates it really well.

7. Best Design: Leica T

Leica, since its initial launch, has released a telephoto zoom and super-wide-angle zoom to bring the range up to four, increasing the number of lenses which were just two at the time of their launch.

best camera design leica

As a piece of design, the Leica T is just spectacular. Inside the exquisitely crafted body (machined from a single block of aluminium) is an outstanding 16.5MP APS-C sensor.

8. Best Digital SLR, Entry Level: Nikon D5500

The Nikon D5500 uses a 24MP sensor with no anti-aliasing effect, which produces some of the highest resolutions we’ve seen in from an APS-C camera.

best entrylevel dslr nikon d5500

It is easy for beginners to handle, but has plenty of features to keep more advanced users happy too. Not to mention the bit in Wi-Fi and NFC.

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